Welcome back to my blog, in this blog, we are going to particularly focus on how to make your essay a notable one.

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Most importantly, Focus on the topic that we want to write about, understand the question, and do research. If you decide to learn English, it will involve a lot of essay writing. It will be a challenging skill to master as it requires both creativity and logical planning. However, if you ensure you do the following ways down there, Writing an essay will be easy than it used to be.

1. Plan
It may sound time-consuming. H however, if you make a good writing draft, you will save yourself time, as you will know where your answer is and won’t write yourself into a corner. Jot down a few ideas, the rest will come true. Some of them find it easiest to make a mind map, with each new bubble representing one of the main paragraphs, which can be so helpful to sketch a brief one, including a few keys of words.

2 have a clear structure
Writing may be a core task, but reading is equally important before you begin writing your essay. You should conduct a broad search for relevant literature if you are still not 100% sure it is usually a good idea to skip the conclusion as this usually contains a detailed summary of the study, you mustn’t rely too heavily on one or a couple of texts, as this indicates to the market that you haven’t engaged with the wide literature.

3. Add some quotations
Of course, adding some quotations attract people to your essay. When you include some interesting phrases with a question mark at the end, This makes people dive deep into your essay. An example,” The use of correct terminology affects the literature. Aren’t this one of the main points? ” In this way, a unique essay is in your hands. If you find it interesting, chances are the examiner will too.

4. Critical thinking is what will make your essay stands out. It shows the marker that you are not simply duplicating the arguments that have been fed to you throughout your studies but engaging with theories academically. This presents an attractive and representable essay.

5. Finally, your essay is ready to go. These few points should be alerted formerly. One of the most common issues is when first and second-year undergraduates usually intend to use avoided nonacademic language in their essays.


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