We use:

  • atย for a PRECISE TIME
  • on for DAYS

Here are some example as for the usage of “AT”

* we use ‘at’ with an indicated timeframe

ย ‘AT’- to indicate a place, to refer an email address, to refer a time , indicate oneโ€™s activity

  • I have a meetingย atย 9am.
  • The shop closesย atย midnight.
  • Jane went homeย atย lunchtime.
  • My interview is at 3.00pm.
  • She often goes for a walk at night.
  • They go to bed at midnight.
  • ย I reached Georgetown at 9 morning.
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‘IN’ – to indicate a location, specify day/months

  • In England, it often snowsย inย December.
  • Do you think we will go to Jupiterย inย the future?
  • There should be a lot of progressย inย the next century.
  • I am in my friendโ€™s place now.
  • The tagline should be catchy in marketing a product.
  • The new academic session will commence in March.
  • This dress comes in four sizes.
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‘ON’- to indicate a state, parts of the body, specifies days and dates,ย 

  • Do you workย onย Mondays?
  • Her birthday isย onย 20 November.
  • Where will you beย onย New Year’s Day?
  • She is on the phone
  • I keep wearing my wedding ring on my finger.
  • The products available in the store are on sale.
  • I will come on Wednesday.
  • My birthday is on 25th of Jan 2023.

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