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1. apply for
Definition: To make a formal request for something (job, permit, loan, etc.)
Example: I head to the official department to apply for my UPU certificate of qualification.

2. bring up
Definition: To raise (a child)
Example: Every mum does a huge role in bringing up their children into successful positions.

3. call-off
Definition: To cancel
Example: We had no idea that this could happen at this moment, why not call off the meeting and have it at another time?

4. carry on
Definition: To continue
Example: Let’s carry on our discussion since the crews are here.

5. come across
Definition: To find by chance; To appear, seem, make an impression
Example: Dina came across a plan to defeat those young criminals that keep on causing trouble.

6. deal with
Definition: To handle, take care of (problem, situation)
Example: I believe Jannie can deal with this sensitive rumor that has been spread to almost everyone.

7. get rid of
Definition: To eliminate
Example: It’s easy to get rid of mosquitoes at home. Why not use mosquito spray?

8. turn down
Definition: To refuse
Example: What a pity! She shouldn’t have turned you down. You must be planning something to get her.

9. drop out
Definition: quit a class, school, etc.
Example: I dropped out of Science because it was too difficult.

10. get over something
Definition: overcome a problem
Example: The company will have to close if it can’t get over the new regulations.

11. figure out
Definition: To understand, find the answer
Example: I am glad that he has finally figured out a witty plan to make this investment a success.

12. keep on
Definition: To continue doing something
Example: Alex keeps on arranging his books no matter how much I justify him. It seems that he is still mad at me.

13. let down
Definition: To disappoint
Example: My parents have never let me down no matter how many failures I went through countless times.

14. rely on
Definition: depend on, trust
Example: You can rely on me whenever you need my help with your stitches.

15. think over
Definition: To Consider
Example: Take some time to think over your decision.

16. Ask out
Definition: To invite someone for a date.
Example: He wanted to ask her out but was too shy.

17. blow up
Definition: Explode.
Example: The bomb blew up without any warning.

18. call up
Definition: Telephone.
Example: I called him up as soon as I got to the phone to tell him the news.

19. dig into
Definition: Reach inside to get something.
Example: She dug into her handbag and pulled out a bunch of keys

20. hook up
Definition: Meet someone.
Example: We hooked up at the conference.

21. knock off
Definition: Finish work for the day.
Example: We knocked off early on Friday to avoid the rush hour queues.

22. pass by
Definition: Go past without stopping.
Example: I was just passing by when I saw the accident.

23. come over
Definition: To make a visit.
Example: I came over to return you this shawl that you left yesterday in the bar.

24. fool around
Definition: To waste time doing unimportant or silly things.
Example: I usually fool around when I don’t feel like doing things.

25. get together
Definition: To meet and spend time together.
Example: We are getting together recently.

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