Before I go deeper about our today’s topic, if you are here from my Youtube Channel, then my thanks to you guys. If you’re here from my Facebook recommendation, thank you as well. Did you notice how many times I’m repeating the phrase “thank you” when there’re just plenty of other ways of saying “Thank You”.

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Let's go through the definition first, though you know it;)

Well, the word “thank you” indicates a person’s gratitude or appreciation towards a thing that they have helped,  You can take this in any definition you wanted because people say thank you for different intention SO I can’t really point it out saying”OH YOU KNOW WHAT, THIS IS ONLY WHAT IT MEANS THANK YOU”. 

As a general knowledge, the phrase “Thank you” was invented in 450th century.
From now on, start your conversations with the alternatives .
Let's get started:)
1. I appreciate you

Example: I appreciate you for your assistance in our team just now.

2. I can’t thank you enough

For example: I can’t thank you enough. Your idea was brilliant, it’s working.

3. Thanks a million

For example: Thanks a million for subscribing to my channel. 

4. I couldn’t have done it without you.

For example: Yo, I couldn’t have done the project without you. This award is yours.

5. I owe you one ( You feel guilty and you want to repay someone’s help.)

For example: This fried rice is extraordinary. Did you remember you gave me once when I was sick? I owe you one.

6. Your support means the world (You’re being grateful for their support for you)

For example: Thank you mum for always guiding and encouraging me for whatever I do.

7. Many thanks * It’s way much better than the word “thanks”

Tons of thanks= Thanks a million= Many thanks

8.That’s very kind of you

I can’t find my purse for two days, you found it! People would have taken the money inside it but you didn’t. That’s very kind of you.

9. How can I repay you?

This word has a similar definiton with the word “I owe you one”.

10. You made it easy* indirectly thank you

For example: This Math was so hard. You made it easy.

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