If you wanted to improve your vocabulary, it’s essential to know law vocabulary, as you can see all these words when you listen to the news, or when you read the news. It’s also important for you to know these words as nowadays people are very well-known for all these phrases.


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Before looking at the words, have you ever thought about how to elaborate your one short sentence into a long one?


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Defendant = accused, an individual, company, or an institution suer or accused in w court of law.
Sentence: Sheila testified under oath that the defendant was innocent.


Definition: responsible for wrong; culpable
Sentence: Daniel pleaded guilty to murder.


Definition: A trial at court between two private parties
Sentence: The fast-food company had a lawsuit filed against them because they tried to adulterate their meat without informing customers.


Definition: the decision of a court, esp. as to the punishment.
Sentence: Jane is serving a five-year sentence of fraud.


Definition: to start legal action against someone in a court of law
Sentence: However, the tenant can sue the landlord for negligence if there was a dangerous item on the property.


Definition: The temporary or permanent release of a prisoner before the Sentence: expiry of a sentence, on a promise of good behavior.
Former prisoners must behave very well when they are out on parole.


Definition: A branch of law that developed alongside common law and is concerned with fairness and justice, formerly administered in special courts.
Sentence: The circuit courts have original jurisdiction of all actions and causes, both at law and in equity, and such appellate jurisdiction as may be conferred by law.


Definition: the temporary release of an accused person awaiting trial, sometimes on condition that a sum of money is lodged to guarantee their appearance in court.
Sentence: After posting bail, Eric was released from the King County jail.


Definition: make a physical attack on
Sentence: The news of Gulliver’s death spread and the fire of the assault died out.


Definition: a formal written or spoken statement, especially one given in a court of law.
Sentence: Kate may be a witness and her testimony does not need corroboration.


Sentence: Jason was committed to his custody last February 12th.


Definition: a military officer of the highest rank.
Sentence: I didn’t expect a dine-in with a Marshal.


Definition: searching a jury on issues submitted to it for decision.
Sentence: The jury took a long time to think whether to accept the verdict or not.


Definition: (law-making)
Sentence: The purpose of annual legislation is to secure the land and the society.


Definition: A declaration in a court that someone was found guilty of a criminal offense. ( Judgement)
Sentence: A conviction of a criminal offense is strong to prove them wrong.


Definition: a person who committed a serious crime such as murder.
Sentence: The felony was pleaded guilty in front of the county.


Definition: a sentence imposed by a judge but not enforced if there’s no further offense is committed within a specified period.
Sentence: Alex’s brother was suspended and have to proceed with a trial for an assurance of the murder case that has happened.


Definition: a person who commits an illegal act.
Sentence: We hope for the police officers to find the offender.


Definition: a person who’s responsible for harm or wrongdoing.
Sentence: I fell from my bicycle as the driver drove over speed, he was supposed to cover all my medical expenses, but the culprit ran away.


Definition: an authoritative rule
Sentence: The ordinance of the mayor had to be followed by all the residence.

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